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to my Family History Pages
- an all-inclusive family history site, which will include any relevant family trees and family history I can get my hands on!

I have a good deal of material on various branches of my families. Some of it comes from civil and church records, and in the New Year I intend to get back to the Mormon records here in Kingston to track down some elusive ancestors. I also have some people's memories, but we need to do a great deal more to preserve those memories. Please make a New Year's resolution to spend a few moments now and again to jot down the things that have stuck in your memory about the family. It doesn't matter what medium you use - pen and paper, computer or tape recorder - the main thing is - get something recorded. Don't wait for a large chunk of time, just jot things down as and when they occur to you.

My policy to start with will be not to put material about living members of the families on the site, except to mention when they give me information about family histories. However, anyone may send information about themselves, if they would like it included on the site. Remember that anyone can access the site, though I do not intend to do anything to promote the site, except among family members.

At Belcour in 2000

I have not done much family history work in 2002; I'll try to do more in 2003. However, I will need help from everyone connected to my families, so please make use of the forum I have put below to gather information.

Let us hope that the coming year will be less intimidating than it looks at present, but also know that together we have the strength to take on whatever confronts us.
G. L.

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