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First Flight . . . Jamaica 1911

Promoting the event

Jesse Seligman
Promoting the event
Wednesday December 20
Thursday December 21
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It is hard to imagine, at the dawn of the 21st century, the excitement generated by the sight of a flimsy machine soaring into the air and fulfilling man's age-old dream of flying. The people of Kingston certainly shared that feeling of excitement in December 1911.

Advertisement for the flights. December 19 p14 col 5-7

Daily Gleaner (Kingston, Jamaica)December 18 p6 col 2-3


Exhibitions to be Given by Mr. Seligman Which Will

Delight the People of Kingston


Knutsford Park Chosen as the Scene of the Flights Which Will

Be Witnessed Here For First Time.

Jamaicans have read all about the latest wonder of the 20 century aviation, and the wonderful flights of the bird men of America and Europe. And now the opportunity is to be given us, on Wednesday and Thursday this week to see the actual thing itself, to see man flying in the realms so long monopolised by the birds.

As stated in Friday's Gleaner Mr. Jesse Seligman, of the Moisant International Aviation Company, who is on his way to the Isthmus to fly to and fro over the canal being constructed across the Isthmus, is now in the island, with one of his flying machines, and arrangements have been made with the Jamaica Jockey Club for the use of Knutsford Park to give exhibition flights on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

The flights will be made in the afternoon, the gates being opened at 3 oclock.

Popular prices of admission will be charged.

In conversation with Mr. E. DeB. Newman, Manager of the Co., on Saturday that gentleman informed a Gleaner reporter that the field at Knutsford Park, was an excellent one for making flights, and that negotiations were being carried out with the Polo Club for its use. The Secretary of the Jamaica Jockey Club was giving every assistance in bringing matters to a satisfactory conclusion. It was also hoped to have the West India Regiment band in attendance.

"I want you to state particularly," continued Mr. Newman, "that no one other than those connected with the Co. will be allowed on the field, and that if this rule is broken there will be no flight until the field is cleared. On Monday (to-day) the aeroplane minus its wings, will be hauled through the streets from the Hamburg American Co.s wharf to Knutsford Park where it will be fitted up."

A Moisant aeroplane will be used, and, the illustration which is inset in this article shows Mr. Seligman standing beside the machine in which he will make the flight.

Further particulars as to the exact hour of flight, the duration of same, and the prices of admission will be published in the Gleaner. It is certain that there will be a big crowd on hand to see the flights, as it might be a long time before another opportunity is given to see actual exhibitions of flying in a real flying machine.



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