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First Flight . . . Jamaica 1911

Jesse Seligman
Promoting the event
Wednesday December 20
Thursday December 21
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. . . and on to Panama


Jamaicans have always been interested in advances in technology, from photography and the telegraph to railways and automobiles. In 1903 the Wright brothers had been the first men to fly successfully in a motorised heavier-than-air machine, after many had attempted the feat. Always avid followers of the news from abroad Jamaicans read eagerly about the advances made in the succeeding years, and longed for their first sight of an aeroplane. In 1911 their patience was rewarded.

Report in Daily Gleaner (Kingston, Jamaica) 1911,

December 5, p6 col 1



Yesterday evening the Jamaica Times received a cablegram from New York stating that Mr. Jesse Seligman, the well known aviator, is willing to exhibit in Kingston on the 14th and 15th instant if sufficient inducement offers.

This is a splendid opportunity for the inhabitants of this city to witness the latest triumph of man - the aeroplane in actual use. The Jamaica Times will be pleased to hear from any individual or Sporting Club that would be willing to exploit an exhibition of this kind. A request is made for an immediate answer, so any interested party are asked to communicate at once with the Jamaica Times, 10 and 12 King Street.




The 1903 Wright Flyer 1 on its first flight, December 17, 1903.

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