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Albert E Forsythe - Aviator
Early Life
Becoming a flyer
Trans-Continental Flight
North to Canada
Flying back home
Dr Forsythe
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Albert E Forsythe in Jamaica in 1937
I am researching the career of Albert E Forsythe, as part of a larger research project.

Forsythe was an early Black aviator in the United States, but he grew up in Port Antonio in Jamaica.

I hope over the next week to get more information about him and his career on this site.

With Alfred 'Chief' Anderson, Albert Forsythe participated in ground-breaking flights for Black aviators in the early 1930s. Together they made the first round-trip transcontinental flight by Black flyers, in 1933, and followed this exploit up with flights to Canada and to the Caribbean and South America in later months and years.

I will be putting information on these flights, and especially the one that took them to Jamaica in 1934, on this site in the coming days and weeks as I get access to more information.
Albert E Forsythe was a medical doctor who practised for more than 25 years in Newark, New Jersey, USA. He apparently did his medical training at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, but had previously studied at the famous Tuskegee Institute.

I hope to be able to add much more detail on these aspects of his career very soon.
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